We made this work after thinking a lot for a unique untural concept for a competition in the arabian forums maxforums.net and finally we got the idea of making a diffrent world that consist of paper chracters.This is the full descreption of the concept
“When the human people finish thier work and leave thier offices this isomorph special characters rise from the 2d paper world to live in 3d life world and they try to build thier own world and generating new people.
as u see they do different actions some one love, other is nervous , someone is playing and others are try to conserve their generation by drawing and generating new persons.

Inspiration came from childhood when we were at the school we were cutting paper with character shapes.

Time of finishing the work about one month.

software used for generating this piece are 3ds max , photoshop , Mentalray

you can download the making of from Here

and Arabic version Here

or you can see it directly on 3dtotal.com  Here

Rising01_2008 Rising02_2008 Rising03_2008